Cyber Security

This page will provide links and information pertaining to Cyber Crime.

*CYBER crimes will start being logged by police following a spike in online harassment and fraud. (Link)

*LONDON (Reuters) – Barclays said it had launched an investigation after a newspaper reported that the personal details of 27,000 customers had been stolen and sold, raising the prospect of new fines for the bank. (Link)

*The Syrian Electronic Army is meddling with Facebook’s domain (Link)

Representatives from several major corporations met in Washington Tuesday to discuss how to secure credit card infor…

*WASHINGTON — The Obama Administration recommends a uniform federal standard requiring businesses to quickly report thefts of electronic personal information, acting Assistant Attorney General Mythili Raman told a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing …(Link)
*Target to Speed Switch to Chip-enabled Smart Cards (Link)
*As Cyber Crime Matures, More Hacked Accounts Expected (Link)
*DHS revs up its part of the cyber executive order (Link)
*Cybersecurity experts warn Target data breach only the beginning (Link)


LinkWookieepedia: Link was a MC80a Star Cruiser belonging to the Rebel Alliance.


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